Winner is…Tony Randall

Old School Alloy Wheel

Winner is…Tony Randall

Winner is…Tony Randall!!
Tyre 1: 1965 Ford Mustang
Tyre 2: AC Cobra Replica (1960’s)
Tyre 3: 1970 Ford Cortina
Tyre 4: 1057 Chev BelAir
Pictures to come…

***Time for a bit of Fun – Guessing Game***
(First Winner can come in and choose some Meguiars car cleaning products)

You wouldn’t read about it. We have four classic cars in our workshop today. We thought we’d play a little game with you. Here are pictures of the cars tyres. The first person to name all four cars make and model will win the prize.

Hint: the year for three cars are 1957, 1965, 1970 and the other one is a kit car.

** Comment below or on each photo. This competition is in no way associated with Facebook and the judges decision is final.

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