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At Weber Automotive, as part of a basic car service all brakes on the vehicle are checked for safety and reliability. Any faults that are identified during the inspection are reported back to the client.


When it comes to your cars safety, your car brakes play an important role. When travelling in your car, you want to feel secure and confident that when you need to stop in an emergency the brakes are going to work. It’s important that the cars braking system is not interfered with by anyone other than a person who is qualified to do so. Your safety and the safety of your friends and family is our number one priority.


Brake servicing, quite often, is something that is looked over until it is too late. If your brakes are noisy or you have a spongy pedal, you may have a serious brake problem that requires immediate attention. Call us on 07 3205 7122 or call into our workshop if you have any concerns.


Weber Automotive specialise in all brake servicing and repairs. From replacing the pads & rotors, to ensuring that the calipers are lubricated and the brake fluid is in good condition, they have all your brake needs covered. When your brakes are serviced or repaired at Weber Automotive, we only use good quality parts, to provide you with peace of mind.


Call Weber Automotive on 07 3205 7122 or 0417 616 118 to discuss your vehicles brake needs.

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