Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!! How very blessed are we to be given the privilege of owning our own business, to be supported and encouraged by our customers, families and our community.

A very big Thank You to everyone who has and is still supporting our business.
We have grown from strength to strength and have been able to employ not only Jacob (our 3rd Year Apprentice) but now our 1st year Apprentice, Jared. We have also been able to during this time employ Nancy, James & Dimity and most recently Nick & Andrew and we Thank them too for helping us provide good, honest and reliable automotive services to our customers.

Thank you to our customers and families for supporting our small family business. We love coming to work every day and offering services to you that you can trust and rely on. Thank you. We will continue to hold this privilege with the upmost respect.

Here is to another 5 years 🙌🙌

(Jacob is currently away on holidays but we couldn’t have a photo without him 😉)

“5” Cookie Cake: Two Chefs & a Cupcake